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This charming, petite study is an abstracted view of a musical gondelier by a Venetian canal, strumming his instrument and dreaming of love. It evokes the very spirit of romance. It is an oil and pen-and-ink on canvas, and is 9" by 12".
An homage to the work of Italian master Sandro Botticelli, the "Venus" is an oil on canvas, 15 5/8" by 20" oval image. The technique is part contemporary pointillism, part academic method. It is a lovely and fresh take on a beloved classic.
Oil Painting - Muse d Amore Oil Painting - Venus
"Muse d'Amore"
Oil & Pen and Ink on Canvas
9" x 12"
Artist will accept commissions for
additional work in this style/genre.
Oil on Canvas
20" x 15 5/8" oval
In private collection. Artist will accept commissions for
similar or related work.
This remarkable work is a representational rendition of a burly sea captain at rest, after managing deep sea scuba dives all day. A 15 5/8" by 20" oil on canvas oval, it celebrates the rugged beauty of the face of a hard-working seafarer who lived and worked aboard the marine vessel "The Impossible Dream."
The cactus flower, a hardy bloom that flourishes in spite of harsh conditions, is presented here in beautiful, rich tonalities. The work is sumptious and lovely, and makes one realize that even in the desert, life WILL have itself! This painting is an oil on canvas rectangle, 16" by 20" in size.
Oil Painting - Captain Dan Oil Painting - Cactus Flower

"Captain Dan"
Oil on Canvas
20" x 15 5/8" oval

ARTIST'S NOTE: Dan is changing his shirt. Buy the painting and commission your own t-shirt for Captain Dan!

"Cactus Flower"
Oil on Canvas
16" x 20"
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