Existentialists wonder, “Why are we here?” The entire answer may be more complex than this, yet I do know one of the reasons I am here —


For me the “photo op” interpreted broadly is not only to take photographs for my own pleasure but to bring them to those who will be served by these reminders of the extraordinary loveliness of our cityscapes and our countrysides, and to remind the viewer of our right and duty to take care of them.

Nancy Love - Photo by Roger KolliasCertainly there is a place for documentary style photography — the photojournalists’ images of war and mayhem may serve to inform of the less attractive aspects of man’s behavior, and move the viewers to develop a power to effect change.

In certain contexts I, too, might perform in this capacity as a photographer.

Yet for the most part my art shall serve Beauty, and celebrate the awe and wonder we must not lose when we explore and enjoy our communities and the natural world.

For we are not only visitors on this Earth, here to take and use and exhaust its resources. We are the guardians, the caretakers of this magnificent planet and we have a sacred responsibility to preserve and replenish its resources, even as we appreciate and cherish its incredible beauty.

Each image is a reflection of a moment in time when the loveliness of nature and the glory that is Planet Earth came together to create, deep inside my soul, an artistic appreciation for this extraordinary world—and I just had to capture it on film.


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